4x6 Light steel beam
Size: 40x60
System: wooden or plastic formwork
Application: Small column/Shear wall/Slab
6x8 Light steel beam
Size: 60x80
Weight: 6kg/m
System: Modular wooden or plastic formwork,Aluminum formwork
Application: Column/Shear wall/Slab
■Digitalized steel beam Application: Used as horizontal beams
The 4x6 Light Steel Beam is commonly used in TB Beam-Beam drophead system formwork, which is composed of steel main beam (the blue color with standard size L=600, 900, 1200, 1500mm), steel secondary beam (sliver color), drophead and cantilever frame. The main beam and secondary beam drop-structure vary in the level of 40/50/60mm, by the system people can do slab thickness up to 350mm.
■Digitalized steel beam Application: TB Digitalized Light Steel Beam Reinforcement Modular System
TB Light Steel Beam used as reinforcement waling, is very popular in the application to Aluminum formwork, Modular wooden or plastic formwork, etc. The Beam futures in its light weight with strong capacity thanks to Q355 steel, which is a perfect replacement of conventional double channel steel waling; and also free of welding, making the beam even safer and more flexible in cycling use.

◆Simple core components with standard connections

◆Economical design and use of materials through technically optimization

◆Easy to categorize, storage and transportation

Main Components in for reinforcement in Light Steel Beam Reinforcement Modular System