TJ Lightweight Wall panel Lightweight wall panel is a new type of building material, mainly made of made of magnesium oxide (MgO), magnesium sulfate (MgSO4), coal ash, etc. plus with alkali-resistant fiberglass roving cloth and modified additives. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good sound insulation and heat insulation performance, and fast construction speed. Lightweight wall panels can be used for the construction of interior and exterior walls, and can be combined with other building materials such as steel structures and concrete. Compared with traditional brick walls and concrete walls, lightweight wall panels are more lightweight, easy to construct and install, greatly shorten the construction period, and also save labor, material and financial costs. Therefore, it has been widely used in modern construction.
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Its advantages
Energy saving & Thermal insulation
With good thermal insulation effect, energy saving of more than 50-65%, self-insulation, thermal conductivity is about 0.11W/m.k.
Safety & Fire Prevention
Combustion performance reaches to class A1 (tested by Shanghai Academy of Construction Sciences)
Dense & Waterproof
The unique structure of the lightweight thermal insulation and waterproof wall boards has a strong ability to resist water seepage, and no water leakage is seen in the state of immersion for 2 hours. The waterproof and lightweight thermal insulation wall panels can be directly used in bathrooms and kitchens.
Lightweight & Thin Thickness
The weight of the wall panel with the same area is only 1/5 of the 240 brick wall, which reduces the weight of the building structure. The advantage in thin thickness increases the indoor usable area of ​​the building and contributes to the actual use effect of the owner
High Strength & Impact resistance
High strength, bending failure load can reach more than 1.5 times of plate wall weight.
Easy construction, easy decoration
The product has good processing performance, can be sawed, nailed, and slotted. The installation process is assembled, high-efficiency and high-speed, and can be well combined with organic or inorganic binders. The wall surface is flat and can be directly painted, wallpapered and tiled.
Excellent earthquake resistance
The material itself is light, has good seismic performance, the product has excellent strength and flexibility (compression resistance, bending resistance), and reduce damage to building structures.
Green environmental protection
To used the product to replace traditional bricks material, is the national policies and the future trend, to utilize waste such as coal ash and sawdust, and to have the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection (Replacing the traditional bricks is in line with the national policy and development trend, it has the advantages of waste materials such as coal ash and sawdust utilized)
Sound insulation
Excellent sound insulation performance, the air sound insulation of 100mm thick wall panels is greater than 38 decibels, suitable for hotel partition walls, school partition walls and other sound insulation panels that generally require high sound insulation effects, and meet the sound insulation requirements of modern buildings.
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