Aluminium alloy Doors and Windows
Aluminum alloy doors and Windows refers to the use of aluminum alloy extruded profiles for the frame, elevator, fan material made of doors and Windows called aluminum alloy doors and Windows, referred to as aluminum doors and Windows. Aluminum alloy doors and Windows include aluminum alloy as a force rod (bearing and transferring the weight and load of the rod) and wood, plastic composite doors and Windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows are now a kind of door and window building materials that use aluminum, and are now a more popular door and window building materials, using this material Doors and Windows, high safety factor, long service life.
The specification standard of Aluminum window
In general residential design, the window height is about 1.5 m, the window height is about 0.9 m, and the window top is about 2.4 meters from the floor. Aluminum alloy window specifications are generally determined by window design standards, and window specifications are designed according to the actual situation. Common indoor specifications: living room :1.5m*1.8m~ 1.8m *2.1m Children's room: 1.2m*1.5m~1.5m*1.8m Large bedroom: 1.5*1.8m~1.8*2.1m Bathroom: 0.6*0.9m~0.9m*1.4m
Advantages of aluminum doors and Windows
1. Light weight, high strength. The aluminum alloy material is mostly an empty core thin-wall combination section, which is easy to use, which can also reduce weight, and the section has a ' High bending strength, only so made of doors and Windows will be more durable, small deformation.
2. Strong corrosion resistance. Aluminum alloy This product has an oxide layer, does not fade, does not fall off, is not easy to paint.
3. Beautiful shape.
4. Good sealing performance. Aluminum alloy itself belongs to the kind of easy extrusion, the section size of the profile is accurate, and the processing is highly accurate. You can choose waterproof, elastic and durable sealing materials, such as rubber laminates and silicone series of sealants. For example, from the aspect of profiles, various seals fix grooves, which can create favorable conditions for the installation of sealing materials.
Aluminum curtain wall
As a new type of curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall is the leading metal curtain wall. This curtain wall form can conform to the complex and changeable architectural modeling, and the decorative effect is not inferior. It refers to a complete curtain wall system. Aluminum curtain wall is a more popular form of curtain wall in recent years, because the traditional glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall, although the overall decorative effect and performance are also very good, but also have their own short board. Such as glass curtain wall may appear "light pollution", self-explosion and other phenomena, seriously affecting people's lives and property safety; The stone curtain wall, due to the limitations of the construction process, sometimes falls from the sky and surprises passers-by. In addition, the fire resistance of glass curtain wall and stone curtain wall also help to improve, and the weight is too heavy, and it is not very convenient to carry, let alone install.
Aluminum curtain wall mainly refers to the use of aluminum veneer, aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminum profiles and other curtain wall decoration materials installed a complete set of curtain wall system, of course, the current a.luminum curtain wall in order to solve the light transmission, often not exist alone, but may combine aluminum curtain wall and glass curtain wall together, this is often seen in the design of the theater.
Aluminum plate Curtain Wall

Aluminum curtain wall is an economical, practical, beautiful and generous form of building curtain wall, which is composed of a series of aluminum alloy profiles, supports and other materials for shielding the non-load-bearing wall of the building facade.
Aluminum alloy profiles are one of the key components of the main body of the aluminum curtain wall, and some profiles can also be used to connect components and attachment brackets. Common aluminum alloy profile materials are 6063-T5 and 6061-T6.

The support is a structural component of the curtain wall bearing, generally made of steel and aluminum alloy, the quality of the support directly affects the overall quality and safety of the aluminum curtain wall. Aluminum curtain wall generally uses aluminum alloy plates and color steel plates as panel materials, and there are also glass, stone and other panel materials. The type of panel directly affects the appearance and color of the aluminum curtain wall.

Installation is divided into two kinds: masonry method and point support method, among which point support method is widely used at present. In the installation process, attention should be paid to the installation sequence of brackets and panels, the selection and assembly of aluminum alloy profiles, and the precise control of panel size. The maintenance of aluminum curtain wall mainly includes cleaning and maintenance and repair, it is recommended to regularly clean and maintain the curtain wall, and carry out an inspection and maintenance every year to ensure the safe and reliable use of the curtain wall.
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