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TABLE Intelligent Construction Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is the company of building formwork development and technical service, and Table Concrete Formwork & Shoring Inc. is also registered in the United States of America , and it also has branches in Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. Its own formwork patent “Green Formwork, brief as GF” is Considered as the most innovative, successful and premium development brand in the field, conceputualizing and optimizing overall formwork solutions. The "building machine" with independent property rights provides a safer, higher and more efficient intelligent construction approach for the overall building solution.

Manufacturing Base (direct running and deep cooperative factories)
1.Shaanxi ChengGu direct run factory (Intelligent Building Machine)
2. Shandong RiZhao direct run factory (GF formwork)
3. Hebei LanFang direct run factory (Lightweight stainless steel formwork)
4. Shenzhen SanWei direct run factory (Plastic formwork)
5. Guangdong YanJiang factory (Aluminum scaffold)
6. Jaingsu YangZhou factory (Steel Beam system)
7. Hebei LeTing factory (Steel formwork and Wood Beam system)